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When I haven’t been at the yard, or doing schoolwork, I have been reading or entertaining Harry. I have read a few books but this one I have really enjoyed. I downloaded it from amazon for free for my kindle since then I haven’t been able to put it down!! The book I called ‘Taking the reins’ from the series The Rosewood, by Katrina Abbott.

blog awesomeness!
Not mine!!

Brooklyn Prescott is starting a new all-girls school in the United States, Rosewoods. A school for very rich and famous parents to send there girls them keep them safe. When she gets there, she meets a boy, from the all-boy school down the road, Willmont Davidson, and has a massive crush on him. When she finally moves in to her dorm room she learns her new room-mate is Emmeline Somerville, the daughter of the rich parents who donated the library, is completely different and totally an amazing girl, who is so generous and will swap her community service (spending time with her boyfriend, planning dances and mini Olympics) for the laundry, so that Brooklyn can join the equestrian team and spend time with Brady. Oh, that’s another thing, she brags about some rosettes in dressage, so the coach puts her on the team only to find that she isn’t very good…

Buy this book from amazon for your kindle for free now!!!


I love this book. My friend had already read it so when I told her I had too, we discussed all our favorite things we came to a conclusion that we loved it and couldn’t wait to read the next book. My favorite part was the bit just before the dance, but I can’t give you any more info!!!          I am going to suggest this books from 10-as old as you want to be and I am going to rate it 4 out of 5, because I think it could be a bit more eventful, but I think that’s just because I like reading Adventure books.

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I’m doing the second book, Masquerade, tomorrow!!







Its been a while.

Hey everyone, its been a while hasn’t it? So I think we can all conclude that I am rubbish at keeping up at my posts, but a llllooootttt has happened since I last posted. So I will briefly catch you up.

pongo has lost loadssssss of wait but only since we moved to Maggie’s (a new livery yard owner). And Harrys now ONE!!!  And is even more trouble!!! they have got there own blog paw and hoof beats.

i am hopefully going to start posting again, so look forward to reading more posts!





Ideas For December #04

Todays prompt, is *changing to deep announcing voice*  ‘Do A Craft With A Little One.’    So with the help of Darcie I have managed to pull together a little craft.


We are making owl tree hangers.


You will need,


  1. Toilet roll tube
  2. Pens
  3. Coloured paper
  4. Sicisors

To start you need to fold the end of the toilet roll down.IMG_20151207_185213


Then draw eyes and beak. IMG_20151207_185513

then decorate it with wings and “feathers”


And then your owl is finished!













Ideas For December #02/ #03

As you can probably see, I am skipping day 2for now, because I am really disorganised and also all of today I was at longleat safari park. So I’m going to write my wish list and then add pictures tomorrow.

  1. Fairy lights.
  2. Wellie boots, mine have a massive hole in them
  3. Lip gloss?
  4. Hair clips, I got my long hair cut to a bob the other day and now it’s so short I can’t even Put it up!
  5. Purple buckets for the yard. As Pongo’s buckets at the moment are green.


Sorry its so short. As I said, I will add pictures tomorrow as I’m supposed to be asleep! Oops!


Day one of Ideas for December, and you should know that todays prompt is interviews with a family member, or friend.  I am interviewing my friend Brooke.

  1. Which do you prefer, kittens or foals? Foals
  2. On a rainy day, what would you do? Talk to friends
  3. If you got to choose where you go on a date, were would it be? Disneyland Paris
  4. What subjuct at school do you hate most and what would you do if that was only subject of school ever? Maths, and I would be homeschooled like you so that I can do anything I want *(I will have you know that I work really hard every day! And I agree on maths!-Madlin)*
  5. what would you do with 6 hours of spare time? Talk to friends.
  6. If you were given a child to look after for the day (babysitting) what would you do with the child? I would play imagnative play.
  7. what is your dream job? Working with the R.S.P.C.A or with children.
  8. On a scale of 1-10, how boring is this interview? (1 being amazing) I think 3, its quite interesting.
  9.  When did you become my friend? I can’t remember, I think it was through my Auntie.
  10. And my finishing question, hot chocolate or tea. Hot chocolate.



Now today I couldn’t get the linky to work so if you are joining in, please leave your URL in the comments.

Ideas for December

Hello poepole! Long time no see! I’ve been realy busy and only now have I got time to post but with this post, I give you a commitmet that means that I will post more often.

At the end of every month I have a mental breakdown about what kind of posts I am going to do for the next month, but when the lovely Noor (P.S if youv’e not seen her, you need to!) did Blogtober I had the sudden idea to host one of my own. Except I would do it for December and you can pick and choose the order but then link it up to me when I do it the post. If this doesn’t make  any sense, email me* and I will try and make it clearer.

December (1)

  1.  An interview with a family member or friend.
  2.  A step by step Christmas recipe ( you can do the same recipies if you whant )
  3.  Write a wishlist.
  4.  Do a craft with a younger person and put pictures on your blog.
  5.  Write a wish list for a pet.
  6.  Give some hints or tips for new blogger.
  7. Write the begining of a story,(at least 100 words!)
  8. Do a review on a book you read reciently.
  9. Decorate an object , like a photo frame, soap dispenser, ect.
  10. Do a tutorial on your favorite thing to do (other than blogging)
  11. If I had………. to live with the Tudors
  12. Write about your favorite wintery place.
  13. Review your favorite bathroom product.
  14. Write a rant post
  15. List your favourite Disney films/programs
  16.  If you had…………… unicorn or magic bean
  17. Take pictures or use old ones of your favorite Christmasy things.
  18. Review your favprite film.
  19. If you had…………..1 million pounds
  20. My Christmas

   21. (Optinal) have a guet post.


  Again if this makes no sense email me  *

He’s here!

Pongo’s arrived!!!! i am sooooooo happy!!!!  I know its been like a week since but hopefully the story will explain a little. Now this isn’t a sympathy post, its an explanation. And I think that you all need a big one!

When I went to collect him, mum and dad surprised us by letting us have a ride before we took him home. Whilst we where on the ride we had a canter and during that canter, I fell of, and as you do, I got up. then passed out and fell down. All the while Emelia was cantering behind me and Rosie (the leader), was still cantering in front. I fainted again but got on and rode to the trailer like a proper rider.                         When I got home I was feeling pants, I had a stomach ache, head ache, everything.

Pongo once we got him home.


So in the evening, over dinner, Emelia finaly told the hole story. And ended up having to go to A.E where they sent me straight home to bed with a proscription of ibuprofen and lots of hot baths. So the week has gone on, agonizing pain when I sit down and head aches when I look at the computer.

But I did get back on him on Sunday and I was so glad that I did. And since then I have been riding him round the village. And he’s been such a good boy!

Pongo happily settled into his field.


I will keep you updated on the things that Pongo gets up to!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Madlin






I don’t know weather I told you guys but I was getting sent a TabZoo, and it arrived a week or two ago. In that time I have been capturing pictures of the things that I do with it.
My Tabzoo is a phone case, and you can see that I chose the tiger but they do other bright and colorful designs, so you check them out here.

Untitled design (23)
My Tabzoo phone case.


5 reasons why I love the Tabzoo:

    1. They are bright, colorful, fun and quirky.
    2.                                            They have teeth on the inside to hold  your phone up (like in the bath!)
    3.           It has Anti shock padding to protect the phone,
    4.                     Its has a zip at the bottom to keep you phone secure
    5. And I like the style of the case.



Sneakily watching a film in the bath!


Tabzoo in the grooming kit at the yard




I think that this would be a great Christmas present for anyone who might be getting a phone or iPod for Christmas or wants a funky phone case.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I hope you like this review,              Madlin






Pongo’s coming back!

AAHHHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAH! (excited scream) Pongo’s coming back TOMORROW!!!! So excited!!!

For that to happen, I need to get things ready for his arrival, and over the past few days I have been taking photos of the thing that I have been doing and sorting, so I guess this is all about the photos today!

finding and cleaning the buckets
sorting out grooming kits


moving/building fences




Moving the horse box,



Fixing fences.


Untangling electric wiring,
Burnt all the sawdust
Make the labels for the the tack room.
Fill the hay net and get the trailer ready.
Fill up the extra water buckets,


And this photo I took when I was out for a walk with Harry. it has nothing to do with Pongo, but it is realy pretty!






I’m so excited (as you can probably tell) and will update this post every time I do some more preparation-nus

We are collecting him tomorrow!

Blogtober 28th: What You Read In October

Nearly the end of October and I’ve not been very good at posting have I? I’m on a roll* , this will be the first of many.

What I’ve Read In October:



Untitled design (22)

Warriors Moonrise,   Demon Dentist,    Anne Frank,    Dork Diaries dear dork,    Dork Diaries puppy love.





*(not the kind of roll that you put cheese or ham though!)